Canteen   COMMITTEE     Vice President Mr. Marco Gemelli, Alternate Member Mr. Gianluca Fiore appoints CLP 

Advice to improve our Statute.


 (Hazard analysis and critical controlpoints),

 Through food self-control, the hygienic conditions of the structures where food and machinery is processed with which it is treated must be guaranteed. The staff is also required to observe a strict behavior that protects the wholesomeness of food, including the use of gloves and protective accessories.

 To ensure the correct application of the sanitary regulations, the European Community has issued important controls, of which the Employer is responsible, according to the legislation.

 Italy has implemented these European regulations (EEC Directive No. 43/93) and has made them operational by enacting Legislative Decree 155/97, the provisions to be observed are laid down in it and with this it becomes necessary to apply the application. of the HACCP methodology. 

2010 11 11 - Regolamento CGM - 2010.pdf