Certifications   COMMITTEE                    Mrs Siegfried Morath

Advice to improve our Statute.

The tasks of the Joint Certification Committee:
1 Consult the Appointing Authority, where there is no such authority
The certification procedure can be organised in the light of
forecasts of recruitment or dictated by budgetary constraints very
2  the authority, which has the power to appoint the number of officials from  to authorise participation in the training programme referred to in Article 45a(1) of the Staff Regulations.
3 members, by mutual agreement between them.
they the interviewer group, and appoint their alternates.            
4 He manages the
documents, the committee and the authority,

in confidence.
5 He shall consult the Appointing Authority,
following the guidelines for the criteria of the selection process.

 6 Express an opinion through the majority on appeals made
the officials who have applied for admission,
by contesting their omission from the list of suitable candidates for the
interview, considering that it meets the criteria of Article 5
7 Granting of a majority opinion to the authority having the power to adopt the decision
Appointing authority in respect of the draft list of officials
authorised to participate in the training programme
the tasks of the joint certification panel established within the Commission, and
of this committee:

8 Interviewing the candidates in question to draft a project
list of officials authorised to take part in the
training programme, taking into account the maximum number of which are
in Article 4(1).9 Adopt its own regulation
and agreeing on his working methods with the majority of the
two-thirds of its members.

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