Heavy work

                                Heavy work  COMMITTEE                    Mrs Roberto Tedeschi

Advice to improve our Statute.

Terms of reference
1. As stated in the decision setting up this Joint Committee, the latter shall cover the rates and the conditions of the special allowance to compensate for particularly arduos working conditions in application of Regulation   (CE, EURATOM ) No. 858 / 2004 of the Council and shall be of the type “ working conditions ” . It shall work at local level.

2. In the accordance with paragraph 1, the Joint Committee shall have the following terms of reference and responsibilities ;

– Issue opinions on the request for the attribution of point for arduos working conditions.

– Carry out the spot controls in order to examine whether the conditions arduos working conditions are met as provided for under the applicable regulation adpter by the Council.

2006 04 06 - Arduous Working Conditions Internal Rules.pdf