Safety and Security

                            Safety and Security   COMMITTEE                    Mrs Peter Strobl

Advice to improve our Statute.

The tasks of the committee :

• Contribute to the design and the set-up of prevention measures to ensure health and safety

at work within the Ispra and Seville Commission's workplaces;

• Express an opinion on health and safety conditions of workplaces (including ergonomics); in

particular, it may provide an opinion on:

o Policies and work instructions;

o Construction projects for buildings managed by the Commission;

o Application of legal requirements;

• Express an opinion on:

o the work programme;

o the annual report;

o the financial needs necessary to ensure the best health and safety conditions

• Monitor the follow up of the relevant services to staff suggestions and complains;

• Bring to the attention of the Administration cases of non-conformity of work conditions;

• Analyse the report(s) on work-related incidents, accidents, occupational diseases and all

other elements related to the existence of a risk or a danger for the staff;

• Express an opinion on the management of fire prevention and protection measures by the

relevant services;

• Propose actions to improve safety culture, including training provision;

• Establish contacts with health and safety related Committees belonging to other Institutions;

• Express an opinion on official request from the administration on the applicable health and

safety at work legal requirements according to National, European or other international

Bodies regulations, to ensure the best possible protection to staff and premises;

• Make proposals on health and safety related issues.

2017 CSHT IPR-SVQ - Internal rules of procedure (1).pdf