Wage Adjustment

Wage adjustment in 2018
  Adjustment of remuneration and pensions of officials and other servants for 2018
  Adjustment of the remuneration of officials and other servants of the European Union
  At this stage, the figures are not yet known. They are still
some significant changes are possible, in particular in relation to
the calculation of salary increases for German officials (+7% in three
years). However, it is not certain that such increases will be included by
Eurostat in its assessment of September 2018, as the date from which the
The date of entry into force is taken into account.
  In any case, we can estimate a salary increase of at least
+1.5% for 2018. This minimum increase corresponds to the rate of
inflation in Belgium in 2018. The estimate of Conf FIR is that this increase
could reach 2%, if one takes into account the situation in
Germany, according to the specific indicator measuring the evolution of the
national civil service (excluding inflation).
  2. 2. The pension scheme of officials and other servants of the European Union
  Latest published figures on debt to the budget
of the Member States as at 31 December 2017 amount to slightly more than 73
billions of euros. This debt is mentioned in the EU budget for the
2017 (amount to be requested from Member States).
  The change in this debt between 2016 and 2017 (+8.9%)
derives from the application of the interest rate of the last day
of the year to the virtual capital, according to the accounting principles; would be
however, it is necessary to apply an average rate corresponding to the duration
of life of this debt, namely 60 years.
  The adjustment of the pension contributions of officials and other
pension scheme could increase slightly in 2018.
This is the five-year actuarial assessment rather than
the annual adjustment of the five-year assessment. In this case,
the provisions of the Staff Regulations provide that the amendment must be
The Commission's annual adjustment, unlike the annual adjustment, is strictly enforced.
only applies over +0.25% or -0.25%.
  The calculation of this adjustment of the rate of contribution to the
pension scheme for officials and other servants is based on data from the
as provided for in Annex XII to the Staff Regulations:
  The breakdown of staff taken into account for our
Pension scheme: 61,285 persons employed, plus those in the case of
long-term disability, for a total of 62,255 persons who
contribute to the regime;
  The statutes in force since 1 January 2014, which define the age
the annual increase, the minimum survivor's pension, the
disability benefits, orphan's pension, premiums and penalties,
  Actuarial assumptions: salary grid, interest rate,
inflation, pension changes; wage changes;
correction coefficients;
  Demographic assumptions: population tables; marital status; age
pensionable; mortality tables; disability tables;
  Financial assumptions: The applicable interest rate (RDR) (24-year average in 2018),
  Average wage growth in 24 years (GSG in 24 years)
  On 15 December, the Commission will publish the adjustments to the
the level of salaries and pension contributions in the Official Journal
official of the EU. It will then be applied to each institution on the
pay slips for officials and other servants, with a possible recovery on
July 1, 2018.
  Conf FIR will continue to keep you informed, providing more detailed information as soon as it becomes available.