JRC Ispra is the ideal site for the Anti-money-laundering European Agency?

Conf. FIR thinks so!

A possible future for contract agents whose contracts expire!

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All necessary structures are here and owned by the Commission. It is extremely important, because it would save money, in line with the recent Commission policies. The saved money could be invested, for instance, to improve the site attractiveness and the health protection measures.

This option, proposed by the ABI (Italian Banking Association), Patuelli and the former president of the EP, hon. Tajani (with whom we already spoke about the proposal) and others, to place in Italy the Anti-money-laundering European Agency seems to be based on substantial motivations and Conf. FIR completely agrees about it and proposes the Ispra JRC, near Varese, as the most appropriate location.

JRC has plenty of office space, schools and social structures, canteens able to offer more than 1500 meals a day, all owned by the Commission itself.

This site, the Ispra JRC, for all the above mentioned characteristics has been chosen also by Europol!

The logistic and the economic aspects, though important, are not the only that Italy, as the Conf. FIR directive states, offers: it is because here there is a superior competence in the field. In Italy was born one of the first and more complete legislations regarding the prevention and the reduction of such a felony.

Thanks to the experience of Giovanni Falcone, Italy learnt to build one of the most strict and efficient mechanisms to prevent and sanction the phenomenon. For this reason, Italy always asked EU to harmonize the fiscal legislations of the member states.

To understand better the relevance of Italy in the field, when the Plan de Apojo was presented to the UN by Italy to help Latin America countries to fight the organized crime, it was enthusiastically agreed that the Italian authorities, thanks to their well acknowledged proficiency, could help establish the methodologies to fight such an insidious crime.



·       It is for all these reasons that Conf. FIR endorse the application of Italy and particularly the Ispra site as the location for the Anti-money-laundering European Agency.

Existing infrastructures, logistics and the well-deserved acknowledgment of the Italian institutions proficiency cannot be underestimate in the evaluation. This is a social battle!


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